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Podcast episode 1: Burning (out) the midnight oil

For your employees

The average Australian employee did around 5.25 hours of unpaid overtime in 2020. That equates to roughly seven weeks over the entire year.

Remote work has made it much harder for employees to switch off at the end of the day, and employees have been working in a hyper-productive manner in an effort to help their businesses recover from the setbacks of 2020 or, in some cases, to stave off fears of losing their jobs.

The short of it? Most employees are working longer and harder than ever before and the consequences could be devastating.

“Work is killing people right now. That’s probably the most blunt way that I can put it.” – Aaron McEwan, vice president of research and advisory, Gartner

In this episode, Aaron McEwan, vice president of research and advisory at Gartner and coaching psychologist, talks through some of the mental health challenges brought about by the pandemic and the rise of remote work, with host James Judge, and offers his thoughts on the most important issues that need addressing.

Bullet points of key topics and timestamps:

  • The role technology will play in redesigning work environments [00:05:06]
  • Practical tips for HR professionals to improve workplace wellness [00:15:23]
  • Impact of burnout on staff retention [00:26:11]


Remote work podcast series:

The HR in the driver’s seat podcast is a limited-series that explores all things HR to help you provide the best environment for your employees.

  1. The impacts of burnout in the remote work environment.
  2. The rise of digital workers.
  3. Creating connections in a hybrid workforce.
  4. Rethinking rewards and recognition in a post-COVID world.


Wellness webinar series:

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