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Keeping tabs on your entire business fleet can quickly become a nightmare regardless of how many vehicles you are managing – unless you embrace the modern technologies available.

Telematics systems and GPS tracking software gives you many ways to monitor your fleet in real time, and make sure that vehicles are in the right places and the right times.

The advantages can be many

If there are disputes between a customer and a driver, hard evidence can be provided to get to the bottom of the situation. This eliminates the difficult process of putting your employee’s word against your client’s if a dispute like this arises.

The software can also see where your fleet is not going. Are there more effective routes your drivers could be using? How much time is being wasted sitting in traffic on busy roads? Studying the movements of your vehicles enables you to see where they are spending the most time. This can highlight areas where some drivers might be doubling up or places they might be missing entirely.

These systems are also useful for a lot more than just tracking the location of your fleet. Most systems will also allow you to pull data that can drastically increase the efficiency of your drivers.

Data that is sourced from GPS trackers can help to diagnose poor driving habits such as speeding and aggressive manoeuvring. Being able to monitor this sort of behaviour is a great deterrent against it if you make your employees aware of it.

The inefficient drivers in your fleet can also be tracked. Making them aware of the issue and providing guidance based on the GPS data can help to save money and reduce your running costs.

This real time data gathering and monitoring of your business vehicles will provide growing benefits. Ask SG Fleet how its telematics service can improve your business.

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