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Sustainable Series 1: Sustainable fleet management

For your fleet

Transport is the fastest-growing contributor to climate change. Road transport accounts for approximately 20% of carbon dioxide emissions in the EU and about a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the USA.

Against this backdrop, sustainable fleet solutions are increasingly gaining in importance since, on average:

a user of a company vehicle generates up to three times more emissions than a private road user.

Today, with ever-tighter new emission regulations coming into force, we see a variety of rapid changes that could and should impact your approach to fleet management with regards to sustainability.

However, improving your sustainability is not simply a matter of leasing new electric vehicles; we know from experience that it is about enabling a step-by-step transformation with end-to-end solutions that benefit the drivers and your bottom line alike.

By providing an overview of the opportunities and considerations, this white paper will help you to adapt your fleet strategy and policy to contribute to achieving your company’s emission targets.

Whitepaper Series

LeasePlan has launched a series of white papers that will raise awareness of how companies can lower the emissions of their fleets and help tackle climate change.

The first of these white papers – which you can download below – offers practical advice to fleet managers on how they can reduce the carbon footprint of their fleets, and help lower their company’s emissions.

Download the Whitepaper:

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